The Juicy Time

Ahhh… It may not be fall quite yet by the calendar, but it’s sure starting to feel like it. Tim calls this the juicy time because all of the yummy fruits and vegetables come in droves. We’ve definitely been taking advantage of the harvest.

The honey is in, with only minor trauma (one bee sting). Tim rented an extractor and we did the spinning in house this year. Tough year all over for honey this year and we were no exception with only one super. I’ve been teasing Tim about production going down every year – 10 gallons, 6 gallons, and this year around 3. Oh well, still plenty for home use and a few jars to sell.

We’ve put up 2 batches of salsa despite the slow tomatoes this year. I think I’m finally going to get a bunch this week but the combination of late planting due to our fabulous New England spring (read non-stop torrential downpour) and relatively cool of late is sure making them take their time. I realized today that I’ve been so busy hoarding tomatoes for salsa that we haven’t actually eaten any this year. Oops. Luckily we have been getting tons of cherry tomatoes from the farm so we haven’t been completely tomato deprived. Oh, and Piper has been a superstar this year helping with the salsa. She loves peeling and seeding tomatoes. How cool is that?
This weekend we went on our first apple-picking foray – ginger golds and galas. I even made an apple pie and it only took me about a half hour. There wasn’t even any swearing about the crust. This is major progress let me tell you. Good thing I’m stubborn or it would’ve been frozen pie crusts all the way in this household based on my first pie crust experiences 4 or 5 years ago. We also picked raspberries. I wish I could get these more often. Piper is a raspberry monster. She ate over a pint at one sitting and declared them her favorite fruit.

Off to do bedtime reading, but I have to throw in my new favorite way to cook chard. I’ve decided I love this green. Good thing considering we’ve gotten it about 10 times from the farm this year. Anyhow – saute a little garlic in olive oil (relatively low heat), throw in the chard and some cherry tomatoes, salt and pepper, and stir it around until the chard wilts. Good by itself, on couscous or pasta, and I even put in on the mac ‘n “cheese” I made for dinner tonite. Sooo yummy.

Happy Harvest!


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