Your Living Space is a Metaphor of Your Life

Since the website has successfully moved over from the old server, guess I no longer have any excuse not to post. I read the above today. I think it’s a tenant of Feng Shui. Looking around my living space right now the words “utter chaos” come to mind especially when meandering through the kitchen remodel THAT IS NEVER GOING TO END. I am cooking out of the boxes that ring the dining room and the guest room and doing dishes in both bathrooms. The office/library upstairs is also a disaster because we can’t move the things up there back downstairs because we need the space for the kitchen cabinets that were supposed to be delivered this past Monday, but in actuality based on a call that I received a little while ago will arrive next Wednesday. Since I can’t put them in until the walls are done, I’m OK with this, it just seems that if you’re supposed to deliver something on a certain day it might be nice if you didn’t wait until a week after that day to inform the deliveree.

About the walls, we have decided to go with American Clay. It’s a little more expensive than having straight plaster and a wider color choice might have been nice, but it’s a great, environmentally sound product and when it’s in the walls will be done – no painting necessary. On top of that, the plasterer would’ve been so sad if we didn’t let him play with the clay and I’d hate to disappoint him.

The electrician will be here today to fix the brown wire that is dangling like garland across the ceiling that we found when removing the upper cupboards after the rest of the electrical had been done. (Speaking of the electrician, he’s been awesome. If everyone could respond as fast as he has I would be done.) Since we now have everything out of the kitchen, the plumbing has been done, and the rest of the electrical is ready to go, here’s to hoping we’re done with surprises for a while. Please knock on wood for me on your end too for added insurance.

On a happy note I am cooking on the stove again. Piper says it’s just like we’re back to normal. Of course she’s not running upstairs 12 times in the process of cooking a meal to get whatever spice, utensil, whatever, but at least one of us is happy. 🙂

Since the counter takes 3 weeks after the cupboards are in, I’m guessing about another 6-8 weeks until my metaphor is something less in the realm of natural disaster. Wish me luck.


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