Two Walls?

Ok, I’m still trying to figure out how the plasterer came up with the idea that we only wanted two walls plastered. Is this something people normally do? Both Tim and I talked to him. I’m pretty sure we both were under the impression that we were plastering the whole kitchen, as in 4 walls. In addition, they are not finished, which I did expect. If you notice the post below, I did say 2 days. However, when they said 2 days I did not think they meant next Saturday. Let’s visit my kitchen for a moment. The floor is covered with black paper covered with plaster, and all of my appliances are in the middle of the floor. In case you’re wondering, the gas connector to the stove is not 6 feet long, so yes I am once again without a stove. For a week. This also means I’m going to have to paint and match a color called Tucson Yellow. Probably today since all of that beautiful black paper is protecting the floor. I’m not screaming and ranting like a fishwife, but boy it’s tempting. Since I hate to leave a post on a negative note, I will mention that being able to apply a lighter color to balance out the slightly deeper plaster color is probably going to be a good thing in the end (which is never coming).

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