Nature Happens

We’ve been filling the bird feeder in the summer for the first time this year and have tons of wildlife in the backyard. The squirrels decided to have a party a couple days ago and invited all their friends. Piper and I sat and laughed while watching no less than 6 squirrels scurrying around. I cannot even describe how funny this was to watch. They squabble over choice positions and jump sky high when they accidentally bump into each other. You probably had to be there. 🙂


The luna moth hatched this morning! Neither Tim nor I were holding out much hope since we’ve had it for over a month, but Piper and I continued to faithfully wet it each Monday as instructed. I went to open up the butterfly house this morning so that Piper could take it in and there it was right by the zipper. It must’ve just hatched since following is the progression over about 2 hours. We’ll let him (pretty sure it’s a him based on the antenna) out tonight to go in search of a mate. Wish him luck!

CocoonNewly EmergedWings FilledIMG_3699.jpg

Our 2 painted lady butterflies also hatched successfully. We saw one in the yard for the first time a few days ago, so we’re hoping that they’ve managed to pro-create.

Tim caught Piper a toad on Sunday and she fell in love. Very traumatic that we had to let him go. Since we’re leaving for DC on Thursday, we just weren’t prepared to take on another pet. I think we’ll probably set up a habitat after we get back and see if we can find a resident. He was awfully cute and I already buy crickets for Sparkle.

We will also be watching Binky the hamster for 3 weeks for friends. No way I am buying a hamster. See. It’s even in writing.

Oh, and here’s a gorgeous bouquet Piper picked from our yard.



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