The Great Squirrel Caper

When Lisa and Piper came home earlier this week they encountered an unusual visitor in the breezeway.   A rogue gray squirrel grew tired of waiting for me to fill the bird feeders so he could have his lunch.  Brazenly, the little fiend climbed up the side of the house to the breezeway window, cut his way through the screen and scampered down into the room.  His objective was clear before him – a 40 pound bag of birdseed.  All his for the taking!  The side of the bag proved to be no obstacle and parted under a few snips of his teeth.  Before him now stood a many winters supply of food.  Wasting no time he set to filling his stomach with his prize.  His marauding was cut short by the arrival of Lisa and Piper.  Panic stricken he dove for what cover was available, ending behind the freezer.  Hiding in the compressor compartment he forced Lisa to move the freezer to motivate him to leave the feast.  Shooting through a door left open for his convenience he returned to his companions to share the much embellished tale of his successful raid.



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