The Flu

Well, holiday fun came to an abrupt halt today. When we went to pick up our winter farm share yesterday, Piper seemed to be feeling the cold more than usual. I wondered if she might be coming down with something, but it was really cold, so I hoped for the best. She went to sleep normally last night and woke up at about 10:30 with a fever. So began a long night of fevered restlessness with frequent calls for water. We had a brief bout of throwing up this morning. Today was a very quiet day. I read our latest Tamora Pierce book until I was hoarse much to Tim’s chagrin. (We’ve been doing these together.) She fell asleep while I was making dinner. She’s now in and out taking small sips of soup broth after nothing all day but chamomile tea which she thinks is the greatest thing ever since it settled her stomach this morning. Definitely a trooper. Here’s to a better, healthier day tomorrow. Huge fingers crossed that Tim and I don’t come down with it.


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