The other night I was in one of those “I don’t really feel like making dinner” moods. As usual, I got into the kitchen and things kind of spiraled. It goes something like this… To self, “Well, I don’t want to do anything complicated. Soup. Soup is easy. I’ll do soup. Hmmm…. I’m kind of bored with the soups I normally make. How about something different. I know, Piper likes corn. Corn Chowder! I’ve even got corn frozen from the farm this summer. OK, corn chowder.” So I head out to the freezer to get the corn. When I open the freezer I realize I have tons of blueberries frozen. “Wow, there sure are a lot of blueberries in here. I really need to start using up the blueberries. Maybe I should make something to go with the chowder with these blueberries. What can I make with blueberries? I guess I could maybe make muffins. That will even go pretty well with corn chowder. Blueberry muffins it is!” And this is how I go from not even wanting to cook to making homemade soup and muffins.

The muffins were from Mollie Katzen’s Sunlight Cafe. Super yummy so I decided to read through the book again. Inspiration and all. The part about muffins said that while it was OK to thaw muffins in the microwave, you really shouldn’t reheat them because it does bad things to the texture. Instead, she recommends cutting them in half and toasting them in the toaster oven. OK, sounds a little weird, but I’m game. Into the toaster oven for breakfast the next morning. They were way better reheated this way. I’d highly recommend it. Who knew and who ever thought of putting muffins in the toaster?


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