Piper's Room

Tim and I spent 5 hours give or take in Piper’s room rearranging, getting rid of outgrown toy and games, and setting up her bed frame. Let’s just say it hadn’t been done in a while. The daughter was surprisingly cooperative and let me get rid of way more stuff than I anticipated. Two bags of toys, two boxes of books, a bag of stuffed animals and 2 huge ones that have been causing me storage issues for years, a toy shopping cart and wagon, and a toy piano later this is how things ended up:


Please don’t think she is materially challenged in any way. She owns half the living room too.


The stuffed animals are now confined to the chest nest to the barn. Yeah!


Um.. She has a few books. This is maybe half. The rest are downstairs.


Piper was super excited about the changes and quickly put her mark on the room by dispersing stuffed animals and redistributing all the things on her bookshelf. I’ve been informed that all will be perfect with the addition of a clock and curtains. We actually bought the fabric for the curtains, but I wouldn’t dream of spoiling the surprise until they are done. Let’s just say pastels are not in her nature.

We were going to get her a new bed, but upon further discussion determined that she really just wanted the existing one higher. Since we already had her old bed frame up in the attic, we just pulled it down. She liked it so much, she slept in her very own bed for the very first time, all night last night!


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