Getting Close Now

I know you’ve all been waiting breathlessly for another Iditarod update. Well, not really, because if you really wanted to know, I suppose you could just head over to their website. Anyhow! The 2 boys are still battling it out for 1st, neck and neck out of Elim. Martin Buser definitely made his move and is currently in 3rd place out of Koyuk. Yes, Lance and Jeff are a whole checkpoint ahead. Rohn is at 33rd, and it looks like he’s been having some dog problems. He only has 8 left and quite a distance to go. Mushers need to have 6 at the finish line. DeeDee Jonrowe is at 14th out of Koyuk. I keep expecting her to move up, but nothing yet. As I’ve told Piper my goal for her is top 10. Definitely still in the running. There is another 8 hour mandated stay coming up in White Mountain, then it’s the 77 mile home stretch. I think the Tuesday estimate I read was a little off, but they’re definitely almost there!


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