Sturbridge Village

I know, posts have been a bit sketchy lately. It’s that allergy time of year again and moments of drug induced clarity need to be saved for things like schooling and cooking things without burning them. I’ve switch over to Zyrtec since it’s now over the counter, but at this point it seems to only be marginally affective. Anyhow, we used the first super warm day to head to Old Sturbridge Village last Friday. We had such a good time they almost had to boot us out at closing.

Making a Tin Candleholder

Dipping Candles

Carding Wool

Watching Weavers

By the Mill Pond

Helping the Potter

Even though there were school groups there, the place is so big it didn’t seem at all crowded. Several times we just waited and were the only ones there long enough to thoroughly grill whoever was doing the demonstration. Our long attention span also got Piper some extra treats like helping out the potter who gave her some clay to play with at home. In addition to the pictures above, we saw a blacksmith and cooper at work and a sawmill demonstration. We’re currently reading the Circle of Magic series by Tamora Pierce and Piper was happy to note that she saw something pertaining to all 4 main characters- Daja (blacksmith), Briar (herb garden), Sandry (weaving), and Triss (the stream, she’s a weather witch).


One thought on “Sturbridge Village

  1. How wonderful that you have discovered one of the many treasures here in Central Massachusetts. Old Stubridge Village offers so many things to do, and learn. A new stagecoach just started operation this spring. Your daughters visit, and memories of that clay will stay with her a life time.

    Come back soon!

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