Cleaning House

Well, we’ve made the decision to put the house on the market. Now it’s time to organize and trim down 12 years of accumulated debris. It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we’re motivated.

Freecycle – cupboards from the kitchen remodel, old rug from nook, bookshelf from college, some paint, old recliner, baby gates, a bunch of old electronics, the old sewing machine, and several small miscellaneous items

Town metal/household drop-off – sink from the kitchen remodel, lots of old bedding and blankets, various kitchen items

Clothes drop-off – 3 bags

Book drop-off – 1 box with a laundry basket and 3 bags pending for the next drop-off so far. Yes, I’ve finally figured out what a library is for.

I’m in the process of selling Piper’s math curriculum from the last 3 years and almost have that out the door.

Tim has broken down the unusable wood from the kitchen remodel and started putting that out for trash collection. He also got rid of the old screen door.

Last week I got most of the closets and cupboards in order and cleaned and reorganized the breezeway.

I’m currently working on the guest room and the library/office which are definitely the 2 most difficult rooms in the house since they are where things go when there isn’t a better place. Ack. We’re also hoping to paint the guest room a slightly less startling color. I’m in the destruction phase. Here are some before pictures:

Wish me luck!


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