Piper's Lemonade Stand

A few months ago, Appleseeds magazine ran an issue on charities for kids. Piper decided that while she wasn’t ready to participate in the charity in the magazine, she would like to start small with her own lemonade stand for the charity of her choice. Since it was winter at the time, implementation obviously had to be delayed. Lately she had been asking “When?”. Frequently. On Wednesday when she asked, it occurred to me that the 4th would probably be a really good day since the parade goes by on the road at the top of our street and tons of people park here. It’s also normally really hot. Great for lemonade, right? Thursday, was a very busy day – Piper finished up her clay class in Acton, we had lunch at O’Naturals since we were there, and she had her riding lesson that afternoon. Since I seem to be incapable of doing anything halfway, this meant Tim and I squeezing copious amounts of lemons at 6pm. Piper did 2 and decided it might not be her thing. She was quite a bit of help with the huge batch of cookies that I decided we needed to go with the lemonade.
Fast forward to 4th of July morning. If you read the last post, you know that not only was it not warm (at one point I though hot cocoa might not be a bad idea), and there was a torrential downpour happening. Not looking good. About 20 minutes before the parade started it finally stopped raining. Whew! We jumped into action and our young entrepreneur was ready to go. She decided to skip the parade so that she could man her station. Since we’re right down the street we could still hear the bands. Sea Spray the dragon got quite a workout with all of that patriotic music! Things definitely started looking up when our first customer donated $10 because she liked the charity Piper had chosen. Most of our sales could probably be contributed to close neighbors, but there was a pretty good rush when the parade let out. Turned out the cookies were a really good idea. In the end, Piper had $29.75 for Heifer International. This is just enough for a family to receive a package of bees.


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