Where are the blog posts? Well, in order to post I require my computer which is being regularly commandeered to watch the Olympics since it has the best video. Mommy, my favorite events are equestrian, fencing, soccer, swimming, shooting, archery… You get the idea. The only one Piper is not crazy about so far is diving, and I’m really not sure she’s seen enough to judge. The poor thing stayed up until almost 11:00 because she so desperately wanted to see the U.S. walk in during the Parade of Nations and we weren’t sure what NBC was going to put up. Not like any kids would want to watch this or anything. She was so tired. When Piper doesn’t have my computer, Tim does. Luckily they let me watch too. 🙂

In other news, it feels a bit like June here. Rain, rain, rain. Occasionally we see the sun, but lately it’s pretty much always planning to rain. Ironically, I’ve been tracking the weather in Portland and Vancouver with an eye towards packing for our impending trip and it looks like it’s beautiful there. Huh?

Piper and I went on a mission yesterday to find the new color we’re going to paint our house. We went to Benjamin Moore and picked up a bunch of paint swatches. After being assured at the paint store the best way to find out the color of a house you like is to just go ask them we headed over. (Turns out they won’t think you’re crazy, it’s flattering. Who knew?) No one was home, so we sat in the driveway comparing our paint swatches. Piper has a great eye for color. Turns out it was one of the colors from a historical swatch I pulled that I was pretty convinced wasn’t right. Not too surprising given the house is a Victorian I guess. We’re 90 percent sure it is Van Alen green. Upon review, we’ve decided to go one shade darker with Kittery Point green. Now if it ever stops raining, they might actually be able to paint…


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