Maiden Voyage

Finally! After a slight delay caused by Hannah, we managed our first launch on Sunday. Yes, in case you were wondering, it was everything we hoped it would be. The canoe went onto the Passat like a charm. Tim who is in a case of perpetual terror that our bikes are going to fall off the bike rack while speeding down the highway didn’t even insist on the front and back tie-downs it was so snug.

Piper decided we needed to christen our sturdy vessel. She felt that “Park Pursuit” would be a fitting name. After some family discussion we decided on “The Pursuit”.

For our first voyage, we headed for the Concord river. It’s always amazing to me that when people hear we live on the East coast near Boston, they immediately assume we’re all wall to wall people and high rises. This is actually towards the city from our house.

The bridge is The Old North Bridge of Revolutionary War fame. We stopped in for a few minutes and found out the statue of the minuteman was done by Daniel Chester French, the same person who did the Abe Lincoln Memorial before he became famous. (There’s a photo of the statue at the North Bridge link above.)

Weather was absolutely gorgeous and the river had just the right amount of current (not much). Can’t wait to take a paddle when the colors come out.

Thanks again DCR!


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