Country Mouse (Dragon), Town Mouse (Dragon)

We are using a curriculum called Writing Tales this year. Piper takes a story, Aesop so far, and rewrites it in her own words. We edit and correct grammar and spelling. Then she gets to embellish the story. Here is her second go at The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.

A blue dragon named Pearl lived in the country. The cousin of Pearl was a town dragon named Halloween because he was orange and was a boy dragon. Halloween came to the house of Pearl. She gave him a simple meal. He did not like it!

He said, “Come with me.” Pearl did come and they sat down and ate a fancy meal. Then a troll came running in and the two dragons had to run very fast to get away.

“Goodbye.” Pearl said.

“Going so soon?” asked Halloween.

“Yes.” said Pearl.

Moral: Simple food in peace is better than fancy food disturbed.


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