The Most Important Number in the World

In honor of seeing Bill McKibben speak last night I’ve bedecked the web site with the most important number in the world – 350. Three hundred and fifty is the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide in parts per million which scientists believe we need to achieve in order to avert run-away climate change. We’re currently at 387 and growing by an average of 2 PPM per year.

So here’s the problem summary in my words (not his). Every man, woman, and child on the globe has just been diagnosed with cancer. We have four years to make major changes to our lifestyle or else people start dying. Period. No more sugar coating. Threat is real and it is now. Mosquito born disease, starvation, flooding, increase intensity of hurricanes, a 2m increase in sea-levels, mass extinction events, and the list goes on. I’ve lost all my tolerance for global warming nay-sayers.

So I’ve decided I’m going to put up what we (the Wysocki Family) are going to do about it and what we’ve done. I’m mobilizing my audience of one! (Hi Mom). I’ve created a page to show how we’re doing.


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