Still Park Pursuing

A few weekends ago in a fit of shack-happiness brought on by all the cold and snow, we decided to head out and get a park stamp. We also thought we might attempt a letterbox, though we were a bit skeptical about finding one in the snow. After perusing our options, we decided to head west. You know, it never even occurred to us that a lot of the more wooded parks might be closed in the winter? I’m pretty sure the man at the DCR station thought we were more than a little odd when Tim asked him where we could find stamp box. Lucky for us, everything was still accessible by foot. Turned out we were right about letterboxing though, landmarks are pretty hard to distinguish under all of that white. Success on the stamp though and the park we picked was gorgeous. So still and silent with untouched snow. Can’t wait to head back when it warms up.



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