I know, we’ve been particularly pathetic about updating the blog lately. There really just haven’t been a whole lot of photograph worthy moments lately. To quote the Cat in the Hat, “The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house all that cold, cold, wet day.” Welcome to February in New England.

School is going well. Latin and History of the Horse continue to be the favorites. Not sure if I’ve mention History of the Horse before, but it’s a literature-base curriculum from Beautiful Feet. This is where Piper currently does most of her writing. We’ve read lots of Marguerite Henry books (Misty, Justin Morgan Had a Horse, etc.) and done a variety of activities from making maps of the area where the story is based to drawing the breed of horse or doing a report. For regular history we’re knee deep in American History and will start the Revolution on Monday. We just finished a week on slavery. This is not Piper’s favorite. She finds the whole thing pretty appalling and just doesn’t want to hear about it. I tried to stick with some of the positive things (I know, slavery/positive, oxymoron) like Amistad and the Underground Railroad. We also read a story about Phillis Wheatly, the first black female and slave to have her poetry published. This has me pondering history for next year though. Modern times has some pretty grim stuff – WWII comes immediately to mind. In math Piper is reasonably strong at her multiplication tables and we have moved on to division. We’re also doing Journey North Mystery Class and gearing up for the Iditarod again this year. I’ll leave you with Piper’s latest from her art class. I’ve really been happy with her progress this term and love this lighthouse.



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