Garden Visitor

I finally managed to grab the camera and zoom lens quick enough to get some pictures of the Tiger Swallowtail that’s been visiting our butterfly bush.




3 thoughts on “Garden Visitor

  1. OMG, I have the same shot, only our butterfly bush blossoms are a different color! I was planning to post it after my sad attempt at getting the hummingbird clearwing moth on video. It looks much better HUGE on my big computer screen than tiny on Blogger. Oh well. Maybe we should start a meme–post what’s on your butterfly bush?

  2. Too funny. Tim keeps wondering why we don’t spent more time together since our minds seem to be regularly on the same track!

  3. I see we’re even reading Outlander at the same time! Though I got about halfway through and realized that I’ve either read it before or am getting psychic in my “old age.”

    We should get together–let’s make a plan!

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