The last few weeks we’ve been playing with a Live Ed Waldorf main lesson called Shelter, Clothing, and Farming.  We started out with a brainstorm about what the word home made Piper think about.  I wrote everything out on a chalkboard and then she copied it over into her book.  It was a really fun peek into what things mean home to her.


Next was animal homes.  Very obvious that we haven’t neglected nature study and have spent a lot of quality time with David Attenborough.  Not even a hesitation when I asked if people were the only ones who built houses.  Here are a few she chose to illustrate.


The last few days have been spent going in depth on some of the many different ways people have built houses using a series of books by Bonnie Shemie.  These books have a nice dose of history, detailed information, and lovely pencil illustrations.  After reading Piper picks the houses she thinks are most interesting and adds a drawing and some text to her book.  So far we’ve done:








I’m sure that Grandma and Grandfather will be happy to know they  have their very own set of igloos in the picture.


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