Great Park Pursuit False Start

Piper and I headed out on Friday to do the first activity for this year’s Great Park Pursuit.  It was supposed to be a hike at Harold Parker State Park.  Unfortunately, it turned out the poor ranger who normally does the hikes had been bitten by a tick, contracted Lyme’s disease, and was out sick.  It was a gorgeous day, so Piper and I headed out on our own.  The ranger suggested a trail that ran behind the station and went around the pond.  Turns out this wasn’t the most exciting trail ever – wide, paved, and you could barely see the pond.  Lucky for us, we hit a rabbit trail.  It went down to what we later found out was an old picnic area that is no longer used down by the pond.  The water was sparkling in the sunshine (I love taking pictures of sparkling water) and there was a flock of geese swimming right by the shore.






One thought on “Great Park Pursuit False Start

  1. Great photos! Love the one of the lily flower. We like wide, paved paths with the small one, so we’ll have to check this place out some time. Thanks for the review!

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