GPP 1- Rocking in the Parks

This year’s Park Pursuit has a slightly different format.  We get to choose from a huge list of things and attend 6 in different categories.  Sunday we headed out for our first choice – a geology program in Purgatory Chasm called Rock Detectives.  The whole family loves rocks, and Purgatory Chasm is amazing so it was a great excuse to visit again.  Tim and I found the actual program  a little disappointing.  Mainly because we expected to be learning more about rocks you might find in the area.  Instead it was just a basic course using a rock kit.  Piper said she enjoyed it, and it was a nice review since we had gone the same material a year ago.  When the program was done we walked through the Chasm.  It’s like a natural jungle gym.  Truthfully, it reminds me a little of something that you might do in Europe – lots of opportunities to climb and potentially fall and with nobody yelling at you and nothing roped off to protect you from yourself.  Fun stuff!  Piper is what I would call a conservative daredevil so I tend not to worry to much in these types of places.  She seems to have a relatively good sense of what is safe and what is not, though Tim with his “fear of jumping” might disagree.  Regardless, we do our best not to make him too uncomfortable with our general obliviousness to edges and tight spots.  Everybody had a great time climbing over the rocks, and we successfully gained our first sticker for “Rocking in the Parks”.





One thought on “GPP 1- Rocking in the Parks

  1. I share Tim’s “fear of jumping” or falling, as it may be. But somehow I managed with four-year-old M. on the rocks at the Pemaquid Lighthouse. Of the five of us, guess who fell (to the tune of one nasty bruise–a small price, I’d say)? Yep, me.

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