GPP5 – Go Wild

Number 5 had us heading to a park we’d never been to before – Wachusett Mountain State Reservation – for a hike.  I love this drive, Rt. 2 West generally has very light traffic and has lots of great scenery.   After arriving, we waited a few minutes just to make sure, but ended up once again with our own private guide.  The first thing we did was get back into the car to head up to the peak.  On a really clear day you can see Boston out in the distance.


There used to be 2 lodges up on the mountain.  These foundations are left over from a cabana-like building.  Wouldn’t it be great to hang out in your lounge chair taking in that view?  This is also on the hawk migration route and thousands of hawks fly over in September.


Next we piled back into our car and headed around to the back of the mountain to hike down a trail to a beaver lodge.  This was a wonderful contrast to the one we saw the day before since the beavers had just started their excavations.  Our interpreter said at the beginning of the season kids could walk over to the rock wall.  Beavers have an instinct that causes them to try to stop the sound of trickling water so any time they hear it they go to work.  This creates aquatic habit for them and in the process many other animals such as moose who will come in to eat the water plants.





After the dam, we decided we had time for one more quick hike up the Echo Lake Trail.


Amazingly, despite all of our excursions, this was the first time we’d seen a salamander.



We’re hoping to go back with Tim on September 27 for a Birds of Prey presentation and of course see the beavers progress.  Only one more event and we have all of our GPP stickers!


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