Canoeing at Harold Parker

We finally dusted off  the canoe on Saturday. Between the rain and the never-ending chicken coop project the poor thing has been languishing on the wall this year. Piper and I found out our favorite park interpreter does a small trip on Saturdays and decided it was past time to get out on the water. The trip is for 18 and over if they provide the canoe, but since we have our own we were good to go.   The pond we were on is called Stearns Pond, the pond  right behind the visitor’s center that Piper and I happened on last week.  There is a paved road most of the way, but unfortunately the park service can’t open the gate.  My shoulders can still attest to the fact that the portage from there is a bit of a hike with a canoe as heavy as ours.   There is a landing over on the road, so we did the smart thing on the way our – Piper and Tim paddled over and I met them with the car.  It was the beginning of a string of excruciatingly hot days, so it was quite nice to be out on the water where it was a little cooler despite the blazing sunshine.

Here’s Tim showing Piper the fine details of life vests.


Most of the wildlife was hunkering down in the heat, but we did see a few creatures before we left shore.  We were particularly excited about the snake since we hadn’t seen one in the water before.  We definitely plan to head back on a cooler day since they commonly hang out in the trees around the pond.



The geese headed off to a small island when 5 canoes invaded their space.


Water lilies – When else can you get so close?



And last, but certainly not least, a beaver lodge to go with all our beaver dam sitings.


Oh so peaceful.  Let’s hope we’re able to go again soon.


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