Archery Camp

Piper and I spent last week at Archery Camp.  This was a completely spur of the moment, we need people to fill a class decision though Piper has shown interest in the past.  Of course, it never occurred to me that it would be hovering around 90 degrees all week.  It is August after all.  It also never entered my mind that I would be shooting arrows.  Wrong on both accounts.  Despite the miserable heat I think I can honestly say both of us had a lot of fun.  It was offered through the rec dept. by ArcheryUSA and they did a very nice job.  The instructor Anthony was great with the kids and incredibly over qualified to be teaching beginners.  It was also very cool to ask the mom’s to play when he realized their was extra room on the targets.  We’ll forgive him for all of the bad jokes.  🙂  They do classes all over in our area, so I think we may try to get one a little closer to home next summer.  Either way, Piper said she definitely wanted to do it again next year if scheduling works out.

Piper made rank on the first day of scoring at a little over 30 points and actually finished at the 2nd rank of Jr. Bowman with an awesome day of 76 points.  I did OK on my first day, then was given a larger bow and had 2 pretty bad days, but rallied on the last day with a firm show of stubbornness and finished with an 86.  I’m pretty sure I would have made the first rank (100 points) if I hadn’t completely melted in the heat towards the end.  Also turns out I’m left-eye dominant despite being right-handed.  Who knew?

Piper was on the closer target.  She thinks maybe 10 feet.


Here’s Piper with on the last day.  I love how confident she looks with the bow.



Tim felt I should put up a picture of my battle wounds.  This is what happens when you hold the bow wrong – repeatedly.  Every time I thought I had it and would start focusing on fixing other things.  Twang!  Honestly I did get much better and did barely any damage on the last day.  🙂



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