Piper had her last “event” of the summer last night.  Gymkhana is all about the games.  Last night these included egg and spoon, sit-a-buck, fill the bucket, barrel racing, and a team relay retrieving and matching horse photos.  I don’t think these inspire any kind of competitive instinct in our daughter, but she seemed to be having fun – at least until Tiki squashed her finger and stepped on her foot.  (As far as we can tell no permanent damage though I haven’t seen the foot yet this morning.)

Egg and Spoon


Tiki was all about the hay in the corner leading to the above mentioned finger squashing.


Although Piper loves riding, she is typically so focused that I rarely get photos of her smiling.  This is after she and Cathy managed to knock over the barrel holding the cups filled with water for fill a bucket.



Home stretch of the barrel race.



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