More Science Logic

Piper and I have done a few more units of the Science Logic curriculum.




After (notice the “plates” shifted)


Seismograph from Geology Rocks!  You’re actually supposed to have 3 people for this one – one to turn the rolling pin, one to hold the pencil, and one to shake the table.  Needless to say I’m guessing it would’ve been pretty amusing to watch the 2 of us.




We’ve been waiting all summer for this one.   I’ve done the baking soda and vinegar version before, but this time we had variety!  There are 3 main types of volcanoes.


Shield (Baking soda and vinegar)

If I were to do this over again, I would not bother with the more expensive red wine vinegar.  White vinegar with a little red food coloring works great.  I would also add a few drops of dish soap because it adds a little more bubble.  Despite our fancy chemicals, this was still Piper’s favorite and she caused repeated “eruptions”.




This one was probably my favorite.  It reminded me of the “Snake” fireworks we used to get on the 4th of July.  I only had regular sized matches to start this one, but the reaction really is pretty slow, especially at the start so it wasn’t a problem.



Cinder Cone


The strato and cinder volcanoes got so hot they actually melted the clay.  This was most definitely an outside project.  The fumes from the cinder cone especially would have been horrid in the house.  I was also glad I let the whole thing sit outside to cool since one of the reactions started up again.   Overall this was a nice contained experiment and much less messy than I thought it would be.  We’ve got a few chemicals left so we’re hoping to it again for Tim one of these weekends.


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