GPP 8 – Into the Woods

Another great day outside and lucky for us Bob Anderson had a scheduled Family Hike over at Harold Parker.  There is so much to explore in this park.  Bob gave the kids water nets.  A definite hit with Piper since she couldn’t use the insect net in the water-logged meadow the day before.  Because this was a family hike for all ages, we took a short walk over behind the Nature Center.



Typically, there are plenty of frogs and turtles over in this area.  The other 2 youngsters with us maybe needed a little more practice with nature observation as opposed to small game hunting.  🙂

We did, however, get another feather in our beaver observation cap.  This is definitely the closest we’d been to a beaver lodge.  Beavers lived here last year, but had moved on.  It was interesting, because I had the idea in my head that the lodges were on the water rather than the bank.  As it turns out, it’s pretty common  for them to build on the bank.



With patience, we did finally see this painted turtle.



Piper also sighted this frog and staked her claim.  I was actually amazed she spotted him since he is very well camouflaged.  He’s right in the middle of the photo if you look closely.


Unfortunately, our trip ended up with a little too much excitement when the youngest boy and his dad stumbled into a yellow jacket nest.  I felt quite bad for the little boy.  Despite this, as always, we had a really nice time with Bob.  We’re looking forward to joining him for future adventures next year.


For any who are interested in the park, they are working on forming a Friends of Harold Parker Organization.   I’ll try to put information up when it becomes available.  For those who aren’t doing GPP, Harold Parker has a Fishing Festival on September 12th from 9-1 that looks like it will be lots of fun.  Who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky and that’s where the GPP finale will be held so we can attend both.  🙂


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