First Puppy Visit

Since the kennel is about 1 1/2 hours away, we were going to be patient and wait until the puppies were 5 weeks old to visit.  Since Piper had never seen a lab puppy, she started expressing a wish to see them a few days ago.  Since Tim is on vacation this week, I decided to go ahead and give the breeder a call and we went down yesterday.  It was a great visit.  Here are the 2 puppies we get to choose from:


They are 3 1/2 weeks old.  Aren’t they cute?  We are trying very hard not to have a preference since you really can’t tell much at this age.  The one on the left did make an impression by being just a little more precocious.  She also has some lovely red highlights in her coat.

We also got to meet mom.  What an awesome dog – super calm and friendly.



Dad was a little more excitable, but nothing I’d worry about.  He adored people and settled down nicely when he was penned with no jumping or barking.  He was also gorgeous and obviously the apple of the breeder’s eye.  I don’t have any close-ups, but here’s one of him and Dawn retrieving.


Fifteen year old Grandma Skye also made an appearance. You can tell she older, but definitely still showing that lab enthusiasm.


And finally, more puppy pictures:





Very glad we decided to make the trip.  Piper had a ball.  We’ll head down again in about a week and a half to make our choice and then a final trip in 3 1/2 weeks to bring her home.  It’s going to long couple of weeks.


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