Puppy Visit #2

We headed down to Rhode Island for our 2nd puppy visit yesterday.  The puppies are 5 weeks old now, so it was time to make our choice.  Tell me, how do you choose between these 2 faces?


Which one to pick?  This one.


Or this one?


And the breeder, just to make things more difficult said we could have the black if we wanted and offered us a $200 discount if we would take her because he wanted one of the yellows.


I have to admit as cute and sweet as she was, she was never really a contender.  Who ever heard of a black dog named Luna?

It’s amazing how much difference a week and a half makes.  They were so much more playful today.


But they are still puppies, so after a little while they went to sleep again.


After staring and playing with the them for about an hour it was getting a little ridiculous.  Nobody wanted to choose.  Both puppies were happy, social, and playful.  In the end, we let her choose us.




Meet Luna, the new addition to our family.






As Piper is repeatedly saying,  “Two weeks is a long time.”  Can’t wait until October 3rd when we can bring her home.


3 thoughts on “Puppy Visit #2

    • It was funny. Steve actually wanted to keep one because they had black noses. Normally, chocolate/yellow crosses don’t so that’s why he picked the black female. We’ll have to set up a play date for the dogs and kids after Luna gets settled. 🙂

  1. Luna is beautiful! She looks like a very happy, affectionate puppy and should be a great playmate and friend for Piper for many years.

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