Renaissance Faire

On Saturday we attended the Connecticut Renaissance Faire.  This is a small, reasonably non-commercial fair held about 2 hours away.

There was jousting.  Piper was pleased to stay long enough this year for the big champion reveal this year – our popular villainess Dame Fiona.


We laughed a lot.  This was at the Zoltan the Adequate show.


Those are clothes pins and the audience volunteer managed to get 23 on various parts of his face.  Don’t worry, he thoroughly earned her enthusiasm before she started.  🙂




Sheep shearing


There were many more shows and a running story being acted out at various places and times throughout the day.  The weather was perfectly cool and crisp making for a lovely day. Piper loved seeing all of the costumes and of course the horses.  We even managed to get a bow for her Halloween costume this year.  The fair runs every weekend through October for anyone who wants a fun road trip.



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