Birds of Prey

Last Saturday a wildlife rehabilitator gave a presentation on birds of prey at Wachusett Mountain.  At the peak of his season, he generally has around 120 birds.  All of the birds in the pictures are unable to be released because of various injuries.  He does some incredible work and has actually breed and released 32 bald eagles.  Since eagles do not lay their eggs all at once, someone can actually climb up and put a baby eagle into the nest of a pair that has young and they will accept it.

Horned Owl



Peregrine Falcon




Turkey Vulture


European Red-tailed Hawk


Golden Eagle


Despite the fact that it was raining, Piper and I also took Tim over to the beaver pond we saw during Great Park Pursuit.  Such a pretty spot.






To top off our day, we were privileged to take part in Nipmuc celebration of Wachusett.  The mountain is a very special place to the tribe and they try to come back regularly to reaffirm that connection.  We took part in a circle and then placed prayer bags in the trees.  After that we went in and listened to a group of amazingly talented individuals drum and sing.  This page has an example of what we heard if you listen to the Grand Entry song though I have to say it was much better in person.  The lead singer of the group also had what I refer to as the story-telling gift and it was a joy to listen to him talk about their traditions.  Overall a very full and satisfying day.



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