Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Has been interrupted by Luna.  Nothing like a new puppy to play havoc with your routine.  I had been putting my posts together in the morning before Piper got up.  You know, that quiet time before the day really gets started?  Well, that time no longer exists.  After all night in her crate, Luna is basically a little ball of energy; one that pees and can’t be let out of your sight.  Being a puppy, she thinks that everything is for chewing- some of her favorites include the computer cord, the patio door jam, leaves, clothing, and toes, let us not forget toes (wince).  This despite the fact that she has multiple items of her own available to gnaw on.  So, most of my morning consists of playing with her to keep her occupied and tire her out a little, interspersed with taking her outside to make sure she does her business there instead of on the floor.  The latter is moderately successful.  It has also become a morning ritual for her to howl while I’m in the shower.  Mind you, she’s in the bathroom with me and can see me the whole time.  Guess it’s a really good thing she’s so darn cute!






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