Halloween Horse Show

Sunday was the annual Halloween Horse Show.  This show is just for those taking lessons at our stable, so they are wonderfully laid back.  As always, it is next to impossible to take photos in the dark barn, but I got a few.

Piper was a little nervous because this was her first time in the Beginner Canter division and she got Simon who is notoriously difficult to get going.     Despite her worries, she did end up getting him to canter, did a great job, and ended up taking first in this part of the competition.  I truly appreciate how her instructor helped her to be successful by encouraging Simon, especially since Piper was so certain it wasn’t going to go well.


Piper took third in the jumping part of the competition.  When I asked her about the show in general, she told me she thought she needed to work on her jumping.  🙂


If you look closely at the picture below, you’ll notice Piper has an apple under her chin.  Piper took first here too, and both the apple and her chin have the bruises to prove it.  No stubbornness there.  Uh, uh.  😉


Here’s Piper with her instructor Cathy.  We also got to see our previous instructor Stacey who was back for a visit.  We miss her, but we were glad to hear she’s settling in at her new home in Virginia.


Piper had a great time and ended the day with a tie for Champion.



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