Holt Hill Letterboxing

On Saturday we finished up our errands and decided to take advantage of what is sure to be some of our last warm weather.  Since it was already after lunch, we decided to head out for some letterboxing.  After perusing our choices, we selected one located on Holt Hill.  The owner who donated the property built Solstice Stones at the top which looked particularly intriguing.

Turned out to be a lovely walk, with a great field for frolicking.  We played monkey in the middle with Luna calling her to each of us in turn.  She really does do a great job when she doesn’t have tons of distractions.

The Solstice Stones was a bit of a wash, especially since they were covered with Boy Scout’s backpacks.  Seems they had a field trip to the tower at the top.  Somehow the mystery is lost with 30 or so kids running around.  🙂

As advertised, the letterbox was very easy to find.  This was what is referred to as an “orphan” box; one that has been abandoned and picked up by someone else.  Truthfully, I’m not sure why someone would have bothered to rescue this one.  It was probably the single worst stamp carving I’ve ever seen – think 2 year old scribbles.  Fun, relatively easy walk in a pretty spot though, so thoroughly worth the trip on a lazy afternoon.










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