Piper in Blue Jeans

Piper pretty much abolished jeans from her wardrobe as soon as she got to start helping choose her cloths, maybe 3 or 4 years old.  In her opinion, they were far too tight and binding.  This lead us to a drawer filled with cotton stretch and yoga pants.  Now, just my personal opinion, but I feel there are a number of drawbacks to these types of pants including, but not limited to, how easily they stain, higher likelihood of unfortunate fashion choices, and foremost in importance right now, how simple it is for little puppy teeth to get embedded in them.  Piper has holes in almost every pair of her pants, not to mention those in her legs.  While I could wish that it wasn’t Luna’s vision of Piper as a chew toy that made Piper decide to give jeans a try again, I do think she looks awfully cute in them and I think we all appreciate the added protection.  🙂





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