Chickens Roosting

We like to let the chickens free range around the yard.  It gets them a little exercise and provides some variety in their diet.  Lately, they’ve been jumping up on the fence.  This was a little worrying at first because I really have no urge to chase chickens around the neighborhood.  Clipping their wings also has very little appeal.  As far as we can tell,  it looks like they just enjoy roosting up there and  at least so far they aren’t jumping over to the other side.

While I was standing taking these photos, our oddball chicken decided to pay me a visit.  Honestly, I sometimes think Pirate has more in common with a dog than a chicken.  She likes being close to humans and enjoys being petted.  Of course in this case she was perhaps a little too close and I really don’t appreciate having my teeth pecked at.  Ewwww!


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