Recess at the Park

Piper was done with most of her schoolwork by noon yesterday, so we decided to take Luna over to the park.

Needless to say we had a very peaceful afternoon when we went home.


4 thoughts on “Recess at the Park

  1. Looks like the Jeans are a hit. I can’t believe how much Luna has grown. You can tell what she going to look like as an adult. She’s a really pretty dog. I’m sure True appreciated the afternoon too.

    • Yep! Pretty soon she’ll be big enough for another play date with Lila. 🙂

      I’d love to have you guys over and I’m sure the kids would like to see Luna again while she’s little, just let me know a good time. We’re pretty good so far, but if December is crazy for you guys, perhaps we can plan something for after the holidays. The park in the pictures is just a little ways from here, so that might be an option too if weather allows.

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