Luna and True

Almost looks like the 2 dogs are having fun there doesn’t it?  If only.  It has gotten a little better, but I don’t think the dogs are ever going to be best buddies.  In an effort to save my sanity, there is now a gate on the stairs.  True stays on the landing and Luna stares up and pines at the fact that she can no longer run up and pounce on True at will.  Lest you think True is entirely the victim, she has become an expert at going over to Luna’s crate while she’s sleeping causing her to immediately jump up like a pogo stick.  Ahh…  life with 2 dogs.


3 thoughts on “Luna and True

  1. Hey,
    Now I can better tell how big Luna is getting. Hope they make up before I come next time I could barely do the gate when Piper was little now I’m sure I couldn’t—-well maybe.

    • I think even you could handle this one. It’s just the 2 dividers from Luna’s crates tilted against the stairs. True was being a complete nut today, barking from up in the bedroom. Maybe because Tim was home?

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