Luna and the Chickens

In an effort to make life more exciting this morning, Piper accidentally left the chicken coop open.   I was walking Luna at the time and did what I normally do when I get back; let her out in the back yard.  Not surprisingly, chaos ensued.

Chickens on the fence.

Chickens on the coop.

And of course, chickens in the trees.

Since everyone appeared to be safe, I decided to leave Luna outside figuring that she might possible wear herself out.  It seemed to be working right up to the point Pirate (our handicapped chicken) decided to leave her perch.  Of course, since she does not even try to run away it took about 5 seconds for Luna to catch her.  Since Pirate is a constant source of irritation being the only chicken who won’t run inside when Luna tries to get at them in their run, this must have been the highlight of Luna’s day.  Just to give you an idea of the complete lack of anything resembling sense on Pirate’s part, these were taken minutes after I rescued her from the jaws of death.

Once again assuming that all would be well since of course Pirate was the only chicken brainless enough to jump to the ground while Luna was down below waiting, I went back inside.  Wrong again.  After another mad dash to rescue a chicken, I decided it was time for Luna to come inside.  Theoretically, it was her nap time.  With chickens walking by the patio door in front of her crate, Luna seemed to have other ideas.  Eventually, I took her back out, on her leash this time(Notice what a quick learner I am?), and managed to corral the chickens back into the coop.

Unfortunately, puppies seem to have a lot in common with babies.  Napping when over-stimulated and over-tired – not so much.  Lucky for me, unlike babies, puppies can be put into crates.


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