Random Photos

Piper doing schoolwork this morning.  The book had a mistake so she was pretty pleased that rather than filling in a  history outline she just had to do copywork.

Luna sitting next to the couch which gives a you a pretty good idea of how much she’s grown.  This was immediately before she mobbed me and the camera.

Piper’s solution to Luna eating the covers off her headphones.  I’m having a terrible time finding new ones that will fit.  In fact the sales clerk at Target suggested I just buy new ones.  What’s with that?


One thought on “Random Photos

  1. Hello! Your looking quite happy with the school work. Luna is innocent of any wrong doings. She has really grown. I like your head phone covers. The weather has gotten much cold here the last couple of days , down to 4 below 0 to night.
    Love Grandma

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