Piper’s Artwork – Hare and Fennec Fox

The hare is a watercolor project.  In order to get the texture, they used a small, relatively dry brush and quick strokes.  Piper loves playing with color for her watercolor backgrounds.

The tricky part about the fennec fox was the way he’s sitting with the right paw extended forward.  I really like the way Piper is drawing eyes this year – so expressive.


One thought on “Piper’s Artwork – Hare and Fennec Fox

  1. Hi! Just grandma checking in. I really enjoy being able to see to see your art work. You do an excellant job. The snow is starting to melt here in Michigan. I know you really like the snow But it is nice to start seeing some grass. We’re going to get back on the road again toward the middle of April if all goes well, with Bill. You will be in Italy when we start out. It will take us about a month to reach Ma. we have to pick- up the camper in Missouri before we can begin our trip. Love Grandma

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