Iditarod 2010

We are having our usual fun watching the Iditarod this year.  In addition to the mushers we usually track, DeeDee Jonrowe, Jeff King, and Lance Mackey, we are also keeping an eye on Zack Steer this year since he is carrying Piper’s letter.  So far he is doing a great job and has consistently been in the top 15.  There are the usual cast of interesting characters to watch including some new faces, Iditarod rookie Michelle Phillips up in 6th (she’s a veteran Yukon Quest runner) and rookie Newton Marshall who is from Jamaica.  Unlike last year when Lance Mackey was kind of the runaway winner, this year seems to have a whole pack of great mushers switching it around up at the top.  We just found out this will be Jeff King’s last year though, so we are hoping that he pulls off the win his last time out.

Here’s a shot of Piper’s map for the year.  I was amazed at how much quicker the process went this year compared to last.


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