Piper and Tim Artwork – Gryphons, Phoenix, Buddha, Window, Rhinoceros

Last week of the term is choice week.  There are massive amounts of folders to choose from with pretty much anything you can imagine.  Piper has done some of her best work on this week and I’m always curious to see what she’s going to choose.  I was particularly impressed with this one since the image that she was working from was very blurry and at best provided an outline.  The colors were also from her imagination.

Tim chose to do Buddha.  His class was also directed to pick out a particular aspect of the picture they chose and concentrate on that.  Tim’s teacher was particularly impressed with how he approached the highlighting.

Gryphons in ink:



The theme for last week was blacks and whites.  They come in a wide range and if used correctly can make a very striking picture.

Piper’s rhinoceros

Tim’s window

Piper’s Japanese nature spirit has been hanging around for a while because she needed some materials from class.  She was finally able to finish it up when we remembered to bring it last week.


2 thoughts on “Piper and Tim Artwork – Gryphons, Phoenix, Buddha, Window, Rhinoceros

  1. I keep forgetting to tell you Tim, you’re lots better looking than your self portrait. I really like the new art work all great but my two favorites are Piper’s bird and Tim’s window. I tried to do a window with a reflection with poor results so I guess I’ll try copying yours. We’re enjoying the three to four inches of snow received last night. Yes Piper it’s good packing and it is still upsetting me.

  2. Hello! Weather here has been cool , we got a dusting of snow yesterday. I really like your art work. Sent your Easter card out yesterday. Love Grandma

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