Newport is filled with mansions that used to be owned by the rich and famous. Many of them have been taken over by the Preservation Society now that the original owners can no longer afford to keep them. We visited the Vanderbilt’s “summer cottage”, The Breakers. Oh my! Piper when asked to describe the place in one word pulled out the Caesar’s English vocabulary word superfluous. It has no less than twenty bathrooms, many with carved marble tubs. There was gold leaf everywhere, but what really got Tim and me was that when they analyzed the non-tarnishing “silver” leaf on the wallpaper they found out it was actually platinum. The downstairs was decorated in a beautiful, if completely over-the-top Renaissance style, while the upstairs was much more understated and soothing. The lawn mower they currently use to mow the front- 11 feet across. No pictures allowed inside, but here are some of the outside. We thought about doing the Cliff Walk next to the ocean that many of the mansions overlook, but Piper was having so much fun on the beach we aborted and let her play while Tim sketched and I took way too many pictures of seagulls.


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