United Nations

Yeah for Tim, because I didn’t even realize we could go on a tour of the UN.

This sculpture is outside the building.

We went on Saturday, so the real flags weren’t flying. 😦

The only part of the UN we actually got to see was the General Assembly.  The rest of the tour went through sort of a hallway that seemed to circle the Assembly and showed various gifts and artifacts.  Only chaperoned audio tours are available on the weekend.  The chaperone is not allowed to answer any questions, even those as simple as “How many members are there in the UN?”  While I absolutely agree that an untrained person shouldn’t be talking policy, I thought that might be just a wee bit overzealous.  Very cool to see the Assembly though the decor could probably use a little update from that 70’s green.  If I had to sit in there for hours and hours discussing things that might change the world I’d also appreciate some better artwork.  Tim and I thought they looked like amoeba’s, while Piper simple referred to them as “The Blobs”.

Landmines – I’m going to skip the rant about how appalling it is that the US is not on board with the landmine ban.

Artifacts from the nuclear bombings in Japan

A tapestry representing Chernobyl


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