Museum of Modern Art

Tim and I had always planned to go to MOMA, but after finding out that Starry Night was here instead of the Met, it became a must do for Piper too.  Since we had tickets for Mary Poppins that afternoon, the plan was to get there when it opened and spend the morning.  I’m not sure if it was just a normal Sunday or due to the Tim Burton exhibit, but the place was mobbed.  There was a line clear around the block of people standing in the rain waiting to get in.  We decided to temporarily abort and come back later hoping that things would clear out a little.  After a small shopping trip and lunch at Whole Foods, we headed back for another go.  There was still a line, but not nearly as bad so we headed in.  All I can say is I’m glad modern art calls for big spaces, because it was packed with people.  At this point we did not have a lot of time, so proceeded on a whirlwind tour.  Not necessarily a bad thing because while Piper enjoys the 19th century, she’s not so crazy about a lot of the 20th.  We braved the crowd and headed directly to the 19th century floor.  It was absolutely incredible and Piper reports that Starry Night was just as wonderful as she thought it would be.

Tim loves Kandinsky so he was happy to see they had several.

The only Dali I’d seen was the rather scary religious one in DC, so it was pretty cool to see this one.

This was such a surprise.  We were in the hallway heading down to another floor,  looked over at the wall, and saw one of my favorite paintings Wyeth’s Christina’s World.

Piper typically isn’t very keen on modern sculpture, but was fascinated by this piece and did a thorough investigation.

Pollack also meets with her approval.  🙂

Loved this museum, but would definitely like to try it on a weekday.


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