Piper’s Writing Assignment

Piper’s assignment this week for Paragraph Town was to write an exciting intro to a story.  We talked about hooks and techniques to make the beginning of a story grab your attention.  I also had her read a few introductory paragraphs in some of her books, particularly Harry Potter since I think J.K. Rowling has totally awesome intros.  She wrote the first pass, then we used a Bravewriter technique called Snip and Pin to rearrange the sentences.  We’re in the Partnership Writing phase, so then I typed it into Word.  We brainstormed better word choices and I prompted her a bit to flesh things out.  I would say the finished result is maybe 20% mine and 80% hers.  I work really hard to make sure the words we use are hers and she’s happy with any suggested changes.  It’s great to see the progress she’s made this year.

Danny is a huge horse. He is friendly, but can jump big and go fast.  I had only ridden him twice.  On Sunday I had a horse show and I rode Danny.  He was calm for Equitation on the Flat and Egg and Spoon.  Then came the jumping.  Danny went over the first fence and then started cantering.  Not exactly when I was planning to canter him for the first time. Cathy, my instructor, rushed in front of the next jump with her arms out wide to keep me from going over it.  She grabbed hold of Danny and took me over the next fences.  Was this the end of the excitement?  Nope.  He took the rest of the jumps much higher than I had ever gone before.  I did what came naturally and managed to not fall off.  Not only that I won a blue ribbon!


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