Artwork – Bikes, Dragon, John Lennon, Wild Dog, Bridge

I’m going to stop even pretending that I can keep up with the art class pictures.  Here’s a batch from the last month or so.

Piper’s bridge

She actually did this project a few years ago too.  It’s fun seeing the difference in complexity between the two.

Tim and Piper both did the bike project.  I guess this one is pretty difficult and typically one of the mandatory projects in an artwork portfolio.

John Lennon

Other than the hair we thought it was pretty close.  She was rather annoyed that everyone in her class thought they were drawing Harry Potter!   I’m pretty sure this was the photo they were drawing from.

Piper and Tim also both did dragons.  Piper decided since everyone else was making their dragons wildly colorful she would leave hers mostly white.

African Wild Dog

Lots of fun with texture, pattern and color on this one.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I love the way she blends colors, especially with pastels.


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