Science – Bird Beaks and Food

Around 12 of the initial chapters in next year’s science program involve experiments and field trips that require us to be outside so we decided we would start now and do a few chapters this summer to take advantage of the nicer weather.  The very first challenge is to look at bird beaks and determine what type of food they eat.  On Friday Piper and I took a trip to Agway to get small amounts of various types of bird food.  After some pondering we decided to put out the two larger foods first–whole corn and whole sunflower seeds.  The idea was to keep our experiment a little more controlled by having the feeders in approximately the same place and by using similar feeders.

So far we’ve had surprisingly few visitors.  The most frequent visitors have been a couple of blue jays.  Turns out they love the large corn seeds.

The sunflower seeds have been almost completely ignored by the birds other than a few trips in by a tufted titmouse.  Note I said birds.  The chipmunks to Luna’s chagrin seem to be pretty pleased with the new food source.

And of course the gray squirrels couldn’t be happier.


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